Damien Williams is an accomplished musician and singer songwriter based in North Wales, UK. As a talented multi-instrumentalist musician, he is inspired by an array of diverse genres. Damien tastefully mixes solid grooves with catchy guitar riffs and vocal melodies to create his own musical palate.

Damien began writing music from a young age; and has crafted his style over the years. Writing about his personal life experiences, listeners find an affinity with his music and lyrics.

He has most recently found success with his acoustic duo Between The Loops, performing throughout the UK to appreciative listeners. Performing a diverse range of songs, he shocks and thrills listeners with his unique style and approach to each song.

An enthusiastic and energetic musician, always wanting to satisfy his audience, Damien constantly searches for new ideas to create something contemporary and unusual, his diverse style appealing to an array of audiences.

Damien has produced an extensive catalogue of unmistakably authentic and thought-provoking songs.

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