As a young child I expressed a curiosity and passion for music. I recall listening to my favourite bands and would imitate these beats by drumming on pillows and anything that was audible. I first heard hip hop in my early teens and was instantly sold with its cool, catchy grooves and well-constructed raps and lyrics. I later discovered Grunge music and listened to this for many years. I would seek out new bands and artists to inspire my creative growth, these early inspirations can still be heard in my music today.

At the age of 16, I borrowed a drum kit from my local school and performed live for the first time. Shortly after this I was given an acoustic guitar and my obsession for music commenced, it was at this stage of my life I knew music was for me. In my early twenties I invested in my first PC with a sound card and my very first DAW. I locked myself away and worked tirelessly for hours a day and always late into the evening recording and experimenting with sounds.

I started gigging in bands as a drummer and soon found my feet on the kit. I got a job in a music shop and started to teach drums on a part time basis. All the while listening, recording and learning. I started teaching drums professionally in 2006 and continue to do so to this day. I have a real passion for music and drums were my very first connection with music. I continued to gig in bands and made this my living along with teaching drums.

I have always sung in some capacity and friends used to tell me I needed to join a band. I decided it was time to take it to the next level and armed with my guitar and a loop pedal I took to the stage with a good friend. I’ve practiced my newfound craft for years now and really enjoy this element of performing. Being a front man has so many new elements than being behind the kit and I really enjoy the challenge.

I have recorded music all my life and in August 2019 I released my first EP “It’s Just Me”. I wrote about my love for my partner, anxiety and the daily struggles we face. In this EP I also reflect upon my personal life experiences to date. With a personal connection to rock and grunge music from an early age I also released an EP at the same time named “The Darker Side of Things”. This EP explores acceptance into society and the love and trust I deem so important in a relationship.

“I feel alive when performing in front of an audience. I really like the connection between myself and the listener and I try my best to take them on a musical journey”

Between The Loops are a North West based duo that creatively combine acoustic and electric instrumentation to form a unique, expansive and contemporary sound with a twist. With the use of live looping and effects, layers are blended together to produce a high quality soundscape with specialised musical and technical abilities. This provides an unforgettable visual and musical performance for the listener and a unique experience for any event.

Between The Loops are continually thinking outside the box with an ever-expanding repertoire of rock, pop, funk, dance, hip-hop and world music, they can readily create sophisticated musical soundtracks for all environments which will not disappoint.

I have been performing with Between The Loops for many years across the UK and Ireland. We have performed at hundreds of private events from intimate gigs to 1000 capacity venues which have included weddings, drinks receptions, corporate events, outdoor gatherings, festivals, celebratory parties and contemporary bars. Visit to find out more.

I found success internationally when playing the drums alongside the Gwyn Ashton Trio in 2013. Completing an extensive Eastern European 32 date tour over a six-week period. I appeared on Czech television and featured in numerous magazines and radio shows. I played countless European festivals and supported top artists in a variety of locations including France, Belgium, Italy, the Czech Republic and Holland.

I also plays drums for ‘Slinky’, a popular and established corporate/function band based in the North West of England. “With Slinky I perform all over the UK and Europe, playing at award ceremonies, private parties, festivals, universities, weddings and other diverse performances”.